10 Best Cities To Study Foreign Languages Abroad

Have you ever thought of learning a foreign language? If yes, then consider doing that in some institutions that combine affordability with high standard of learning. There are many advantages of learning a foreign language and I believe you are aware of these benefits before you decided to learn some of these languages. Well if you don’t know the benefits, let me briefly tell you one or two. Knowledge of foreign language can help you land a big job as many organizations are looking for people with this knowledge. So if you learn a foreign language, you are actually boosting your CV. Apart from this, knowledge of foreign language will help you interact with people who understand this language very well. There are so many benefits and we will not talk about that now. So lets get straight to the business of the day. We are going to present to you, a list of places you can learn foreign language and literature abroad.

  1. Santiago, Chile

Chile was the home of Pablo Neruda, one of the best poets the world has ever seen. Poetry lovers from all around the world come here to witness the culture that inspired such passionate poetry. Pablo Neruda studied French at the Universidad de Chile in Santiago. The studies of literature and linguistics are pretty attractive for international students.

  1. Cambridge, England

Is there are better place to study English literature than Cambridge University? There’s something even more interesting: the Faculty of Modern and Medieval languages. This is your opportunity to study from award-winning lecturers at a leading university. The university offers international summer programs you can attend if you’re not interested in full-time studies at Cambridge.

  1. Florence, Italy

How about studying in one of the most romantic cities in the world? Here, you’ll get a chance to embrace the authentic Italian culture and learn the language, too. CET Academic Programs gives students from all universities around the world to study in Italy. There’s no language prerequisite. You’ll take Italian and you’ll practice with a local language partner. Will you be ready to read and understand Dante Alighieri in Italian? Who knows? Put in the effort!

  1. Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne is the most cosmopolitan city in Australia. Cathy Roberts, a academic writer for Best Essays, can’t recommend it enough: “It’s where I got my degree in Classics. This city is fun and vibrant, but the university also gives you world-class education. It’s everything an international student could wish for.”

Fun fact: Melbourne is home to the epic State Library of Victoria. If you love reading, you’ll see this place as heaven.

  1. Berlin, Germany

How about German language and literature? If you’ve never spoken German before, the language may be a bit of a challenge. That’s what makes the studies more exciting. As for the literature, you’ll have extraordinary pieces to explore and you’ll cover many periods and genres. If we tried to describe German literature with one word, this would be it: Goethe. Enough, right?

  1. Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is not only the most vibrant place on Earth. It’s also a cultural center. International students can take classes at the national universities that provide English-language education. You’ll have access to dreamy libraries and world-class professors.

  1. Madrid, Spain

Spanish people are lively. That’s exactly what the language is like, too. If you decide to take language studies in Madrid, you’ll have tons of academic and housing options, as well as extracurricular activities to engage in. Making Madrid your classroom? That’s the easiest thing, ever. You’ll be learning with every step you take.

  1. Prague, Czech Republic

How about reading Milan Kundera in his native language? Franz Kafka was also born in Prague. Although he wrote in German, you can feel the influence of this culture throughout his work. The Prague Writers’ Festival is a big thing in the world of literature. You can meet famous writers from all over the world if you decide to study in Prague.

  1. Moscow, Russia

As any other piece of literature, Russian novels lose part of their charm when being translated. You’ll feel the full power of Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Pushkin, and other great authors when you learn the language and understand this culture. If you spend a semester or two in Moscow or St. Petersburg, you’ll start perceiving this literature from a different point of view. You’ll see the same streets and gestures these authors loved describing.

  1. Aix en Provence, France

Aix en Provence is a graceful town that’s home to thousands of international students. You can take an intensive French language course, but you can also pick a program focused on the language, literature, and culture.

Of course, the place you choose depends on the language you want to learn and the literature you want to explore. If you knew you wanted to study foreign languages and literature but you didn’t have a precise idea, this list will definitely help. What’s the most attractive destination to your preferences?

There are many places you can learn foreign languages, but we just chose to talk about these ten. If you want to add a boost to your CV by studying a foreign language then contact these schools and apply for admission. If you enjoyed reading this article and found it helpful, kindly share it to your friends who might need the information.


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