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Going on to college and excited about the opportunities ahead of you? Considering schools in educationally advanced countries, to live and study, and you probably have the UK on your list?

If you are still unconvinced on where to study, let the information below act as a guide on why the UK might be your choice destination.

Location to some of the most famous institutions in the world, the UK ranks among the most admired and exciting places to live and study. Access to first-class facilities, healthy and thriving businesses and industries in different categories, first-world operational processes, and home to the first industrial revolution and one of the leading European countries makes the UK not only a desirable place to study, but also a platform to a successful career launch.

Significant and amazing benefits attached to study in the UK include:

Home to some of the most prestigious and fascinating institutions

Home to highly accredited institutions, showcasing strong educational foundations and affluence, the UK has some of the longest long-standing universities in the world.

Institutions like the University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, Glasgow and Aberdeen have been, and thus have been home to some of the most acclaimed individuals, i.e. scientists, technologists, scholars, and other in the various finance institutions and manufacturing industries.

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Home to some of the most beautiful study locations

With pristine locations and architectural edifices, UK universities offer top-of-the-class living and study accommodations. Universities like Oxford, Cambridge, Durham University, Glasgow and the Royal Holloway are models for optimum study and living arrangements.

Unique designs, amiable and genial living facilities, institutions in the UK cater to the education and career objectives of students and faculty.

Access to advanced technology and emerging technological innovations

Reputable Swiss nonprofit, World Economic Forum ranks the UK among the most advanced technological countries in the world. With an expansive and broadening research and funding institutions, the UK forges without reserve into innovating and adopting new technology.

Institutions provide state-of-the-art-facilities, enhanced learning devices, VR immersive experiences and collaborative learning devices to turn prospective student into industry professional.

Collaborative programs between tutors and students

Open to optimal learning methods and results, faculty and students generate a genial atmosphere for students to grasp even the most intricate learning programs.

After-school faculty-assisted learning and other student associated programs gets the student up to speed in her educational endeavors.

*Enhanced and responsive road network system

Food, social life, trade shows, cinemas, sports etc. the UK offers the prospective student meaningful diversion from the educational pursuits. With the buses, cabs, intricately laid road network and fully functioning subway systems, transportation in the UK are advanced, coordinated and are a breeze, giving the student access to not only the grounds of the educational institutions, but opportunities to experience the UK culture and life.

Home to prestigious, select few original native English speakers

Studying at the UK proffers the avenue to acquire ‘two’ degrees. Natural habitat to some of the most fluent native English speakers, residence in the UK offers the opportunity to live, mix and learn with within the foundations of the native English learning environment.

Thus, ranked for native competence and expertise, resident UK company like among the leading essay writing services and text delivery companies in the world.

Showcase to /Placement in the top employment locations around the world

Acquiring certified education in the UK showcases a commitment to excellence in the individual fields. As UK universities are ranked among the top universities in the world, employers, recruiters and talent hunters respond to the UK certification on resumes with interest and admiration.

Certification at the UK institutions offer an amiable passage to lucrative positions in different companies and industries.

Safety at its premium

The UK boasts one of the most developed countries with the lowest crime rates. The 2017 Social Progress Index rates the UK as a location with one of the lowest crime rates in the world. While in countries like the United States, crime could be on the rise, running on par with Australia, crime rate in the UK is declining.

Scholarships and Funding Programs

One of the most foremost countries in education, the UK offers habitable platform to acquiring assisted funding programs. From private institutions to world-serving organizations like the UNICEF, UK universities collaborate with different institutions to assist in the scholarship and funding programs of different students.

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