University of Amsterdam, Netherlands: Ranking, Admissions and Processing

Established in 1632 by the then municipal authorities, the University of Amsterdam is one of the oldest public institutions in the Netherlands,and one of the largest research destinations in Europe. … Read More

The University Of Mauritius: Ranking, Programs Offered and Admission Process

The University of Mauritius, which is commonly referred to as UoM, is situated in Mauritius. The university, as the country’s national university, is the largest and oldest in the country. … Read More

University of Cumbria, UK: Ranking, Tuition Fees Plus Admissions

Looking for the perfect place to begin your University education? Or perhaps, you desire a place where you can fulfill your ambition? University of Cumbria it is! Founded in 2007, … Read More

Ludwig-Maximilian University of Munich: Ranking, Fees and Living Admission Process

Ludwig-Maximilian University of Munich (also known as LMU or the University of Munich) was founded in by Duke Ludwig IX of Bavaria-Landshut in ingolstadt in 1472, since the inception of … Read More

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