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Promotion!!!... Study Accounting in MauritiusMauritius is a beautiful Volcanic Island located in the Southern hemisphere. It makes up about 91% of the Republic of Mauritius. Most of the Universities and other institution of learning are usually campuses of reputable Universities in UK, Australia, India etc. Nonetheless every prospective student seeking admission into any of these schools is assured of quality education and a boost in their career path.

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University of Mauritius

This non profit University began  operations in 1965. They’re located in Reduit. This large co educational institute has a student enrollment of about 15000 students. The University offer courses in various degrees from.bachelor to masters and doctorate  levels. The University currently number 1 in Mauritius


The University has about 6 Faculties some of which began operation in 1914. In chronological order they are:

*  Faculty of Agriculture

*  Faculty of Engineering

*  Faculty of Science

*  Faculty of Management and Law

*  Faculty of Humanities

*  Faculty of Oceanography


Application for admission into this reputable University is done online on their Open University site. This is due to the Covid 19 Pandemic


Mahatma Gandhi Institute

This University began Operations in 1976 to cater for the needs of prospective students by providing them an opportunity of a tertiary education. Based in Moka, its accredited by the TEC and they offer courses in the bachelors degree levels. They rank number 2



Department or Schools

This reputable Institute offer you the opportunity of finding your niche by choosing among the various schools in the Institute which include the school of:

*  Art and Performing arts

*  Mauritian and Area Studies

*  Indological Studies


Courses Offered

*  MA in Performing Arts

*  MA in Fine Arts

*  Digital Arts (Dip and BA Hons)

*  Visual Communications and Advertising (Dip and BA Hons)

The Institute is currently not admitting new students.

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The University of Technology Mauritius

A non profit University that was established in 2000.

Though with only 5000 students in enrollment, they have bachelors degree and masters degree level courses on offer.

The University ranks number 4 in Mauritius



To be admitted into this University, prospective indigenous students of both bachelors degree and masters degree level are required to pay $1000/ year exclusive of feeding and course materials

Foreign students of both bachelors degree and masters degree level are required to pay $1000/year also exclusive of feeding and course materials. However in the event of challenges, the school has made available a provision for financial aid.

More information can be sourced on their website.


Middlesex University in Mauritius

This international standard University is the extension of the Middlesex Unibersuty in UK. Enrolling in this school makes you part of a traditional history that depict excellence and integrity. Established in 2010, the University is th first British tertiary institute in Mauritius


Courses offered

Middlesex offers their students a wide range of courses in both Undergraduate and Post graduate level. This courses include:

*  Foundation Program (BSc)

*  Cyber Security and Digital Forensics(BSc)

*  Information Technology (BSc Hons)

*  Network Management and Cloud Compound (MSc)

*  Cyber Security and Pen Testing (MSc)

*  Applied Psychology (MSc)

Every other Information is on their website.

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Open University of Mauritius

The aim of establishing this University was providing education to those who are challenged with having to study while they’re working and for those who are facing the task of juggling domestic duties with their education. They achieve this by providing flexibility study classes for their students so that they can have their class from their current location whenever they want to. This University is internationally recognised

as an institution that offer quality education to their students.


How to apply

Open University of Mauritius is now accepting applications for their August 2020 new entrants. To assess this, you visit their site and fill a contact form. Due to the Pandemic, the school is launching the MOOC Program which aims at creating a massive online presence for their students by making available an array of correspondence courses.


Universite des Mascareignes

This institution was established in 2012 to meet the needs of those in the industrial section of Mauritius. They offer business oriented courses in business and ICT.


Application Details

To apply into this School you must first of all

*  Download the form which are available online in downloadable format for both indigenous and International Students

*  You fill and submit the forms online


Center for Legal and Businessl Studies

This University located in an area overlooking the Indian Ocean is an International Standard Law school that offer business and legal oriented courses to Mauritian Students.


Breakdown of Courses offered

*  Bachelor of Law Degree (LLB)

*  Master of Law (LLM)

*  Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL)

*  “A”Level Law

*  Foundation Certificate of International Trust Management

*   Diploma in International Trust Management

*   “A” Level Business


More information can be sourced on their website


African Leadership College Mauritius

The University began operations in 2015 after a partnership deal with the University of Caledonia in Glasgow.

With over 300 students in attendance,  they offer a wide range of courses to their students in a very conducive and safe environment.

Their courses include:

*  BA Honours in Social Sciences

*  M Eng Honors in Electrical Power systems Engineering

*  BSc Homors in Computing

*  BA Honors in Business Management

Application for admission is done online  due to the Covid 19 Pandemic.


BSP school of Accountancy and Management

A Private University that is accredited by the TEC to provide their students with quality education in the area of Business and management related courses. The courses offered include ACCA, CIM to mention a few.


Belstar Training Center

This University is a training center that offers certifications in ICSA and CISI. They also organised Training workshops in accountacy and management. Their qualified academic staff are driven by a need to empower their students to be role models in their chosen career.


CDAC school of Advanced Computing

This University was established in 1988 as a training center for computing in both basically and advanced level.

They’re located in India but they have a Campus in Mauritius where they offer courses in the area of Health Information, Professional computing and Software Technologies etc



Elite Business School

A Privately owned University that offer quality education to prospective students in Mauritius and other international countries.  Established in 2011, they continue to offer quality training to their students in the area of business related courses and management.

All information pertaining to the courses they offer, Business Executive programs and  other informations are on their website which is www.elitebusinessschool.com


In Conclusion

Studying in Mauritius offers a prospective student the opportunity of experiencing the beauty of an Island filled with a rich history, imbibe a new culture and be trained in a reputable international standard institution such that at the end of their academic program, the students would have been able to grasp a holistic learning experience that’ll make them succeed in their career path and life in general.

Studying in Mauritius is a good opportunity.

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