German Embassy in Nigeria and Visa Processing

German visa processing in Nigeria

Germany Visa Application Requirements - Germany VisaOne of the most popular countries in the world is Germany. The country is known for its advancement in technology. Their official language is Deutsch. As a person in Nigeria, before you can go to this country, you need to have a German visa. Unless you have this Visa, there is no way you can travel to this country. Over the years, Nigerians have moved to Germany either for tourism, vacation, or even education. This post is going to explain the step by step method used to travel to this country for whatever reason you might have.

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Document needed for Germany visa

Before you apply for any type of Germany visa, there are certain requirements you need to meet in order to be considered. Generally, to apply for any kind of Visa, you need to have a valid international passport. If your passport is expired, then you will have to renew it. Other documents that you need in your possession are:

  1. A filled Germany visa application form
  2. Two passport photographs as requested by the application
  3. An international passport that has 2 pages for visa endorsement and also has 6 months validity.
  4. Proof of accommodation should be sent to the German Embassy. Staying with an acquaintance or family means you need a copy of their ID and passport. Also, a piece of evidence that they can support your stay with them.
  5. A detailed copy of your itinerary if you are going for leisure or tourism.
  6. A return ticket which is within the duration of your trip
  7. Health insurance that will also cover the duration of your trip
  8. A statement of your finances from the bank for at least 3 months.

Types of German Visa

When you are going to Germany, you will need a Uniform Schengen Visa. This visa permits you to enter all the 26 member states. They have three categories for this: First, the Airport Transit Visa which does not permit entry into the Schengen area. Then, the Transit Visa which permits entry into more than one Schengen for 5 days maximum. Lastly, there is the Short-term Visa which includes single, double, and multiple entry visas. The types of Germany visa are below:

Single Entry Visa

This type of visa grants permission for its holder to enter Germany only once within the period of time in the visa. Once you leave the country, you will not be able to return even if you have not spent the number of days given to you.

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Double Entry Visa

This German visa gives you a chance to return even if you exit. However, once you leave a second time, you will not be allowed into the Schengen area. You need to be careful not to exceed the number of days you are granted to stay.

Multiple Entry Visa

As long as you do not violate the 90/180 rule, you can come in and go out of Germany as many times as you want. This rule states that once travelers have spent more than 90 days in the Schengen zone separately or consecutively within 6 months, they will need to give the embassy a reason why they need to stay long in the country. There are three types of Multiple Entry Visa, which are 1 year multiple entry visa, 3 years multiple entry visa, and 5 years multiple entry visa.

Long Stay Germany Visa

The visa department issues this type of visa to individuals who need to stay in the country for a very long time or even permanently. It might be due to education, work, or health. As long as you will stay for more than 90 days, you will have to apply for a resident permit.

Now that you are knowledgeable about the types of Germany Visa available, you can make your choice.

Reasons for traveling

When completing your visa application, you will have to give the reasons why you are traveling. Some of the valid purposes are:

  1. Business Visa: If you plan on going to Germany for work, then this will be issued for you. As long as you do not stay for more than 90 days, it remains valid. It takes a total of 10 days to process.
  2. Visiting: If you have a family or friend who stays in Germany legally and you wish to visit them, this is the type of visa you will be given. Before you are granted it, there are certain requirements you will fulfill. You will need a letter of invitation from your host family. It takes about 15 days to process but may also take longer (90 days).
  3. Tourist: If you want to attend a summer school, work, or even visit relatives, you will need a tourist visa. This is valid for 90 days and takes 10 days or longer for processing. After getting all the above documents, you will need a letter from the organizer of the tour.
  4. Airport/Transit Visa: As a Nigerian, you will need this visa before you travel to Germany. It takes about 15 days to process, and so, you have to apply for it ahead of your trip.
  5. Medical Visa: If you are visiting Germany to get adequate medical care, then this is the appropriate choice for you. To add to the expected requirements, you will need proof of status, either marriage or death certificate of spouse. Then, additional medical insurance of about $30 thousand. Although this visa is valid for 90 days, you can apply for a national visa or resident permit to stay longer.

Some other reasons for traveling may be for education, sports, and so on.

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Fee for Germany Visa

The fee for any type of Germany visa is about 60 Euros, and it has been so since 2008. However, you might have to pay more or less due to lots of different fee waivers. You can check here for more details. Payment can be made at the application center either by cash or debit cards.

German Embassy (Nigeria)

The embassy is located at 9 Lake Maracaibo Close, Maitama, Abuja, Nigeria.
For mobile contact: +00234-9-220-8010, +00234-9-220-8011
Fax: +00234-9-220-8009
Email address: info@abuja.diplo.d


To apply for a Germany visa, you need to contact the Embassy to schedule an interview. Some people are denied Germany visa because they do not have detailed knowledge about what it entails. Don’t be ignorant about it.

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