How To Pass JAMB In One Sitting Without Stress

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How to pass JAMB in one sitting is what we are going to look at today in this article, if you are preparing for joint admission and matriculation board examination then this guide is for you.

Most students fail JAMB simply because of lack of information and proper guide, trust me this article is a life changing guide, over 90% of those that used this strategies in the past scored above 300 in JAMB CBT exam.

If you are ready to smash JAMB without stress follow me as I reveal the hot secrets.

How to Pass JAMB Without Cheating

1. Get drunk in studying

Do I really mean that you should get drunk in studying? Yes!

You need to, because it will make you to be able to answer any question boldly with full confidence because you no it, and how can you get drunk? Start studying now! Not later.

intoxicated yourself with reading, but not much rather normal, When is the exact time that is good to start studying for jamb? It is now.

2. Have a reading schedule

Creating reading time table is another secret on how to pass JAMB, reading timetable is a guide that will shape you, it draw your attention and call you and tell you do this or do that ,

Create different subject for each day that may be sutable for you, during my own JAMB preparation back then I drafted out my timetable and I make mathematics to be on Saturday, why? because it is weekend I will not waste much time playing rather I play for some Minuit and move back to my reading table.

3. Stop studying alone

In fact I hate studying alone before the exam, I love associating my self with like mineded people so I can learn from them, they teach me what they know I teach them what I know, studying with like minded people will boost your studying time and rank.

In fact if you are reading and people are beside you, you will hardly sleep, because they are not sleeping too, but I do not force you to study with peoples rather try it if it work for you fine if not try to be studying alone at night  because scientists have revealed that studying at night can help grow your brain .

4.) Do not depend on JAMB Expo

Most students usually forget about preparing for JAMB and be hoping for miracle to happen on the exam day, let me gist you their is nothing like JAMB expo!

You can’t cheat inside JAMB exam hall the good news is that their is always cameras in all the CBT centers, my advice study and believe in your self that you can make it.

5.)  Cut down your social life

Reduce your social life and improve your academic life, what do i mean

Social life is of two types

(1.) Physical social relationship

(1.) Online social media

Cutting down Physical social life means no how you associate with people, Know the type of friends you mingle with.

What about Online this means; reduce the amount of time you spend on social media.

6.) Take part in jamb mock

Some candidates do not know the value of jamb mock exam.

The jamb mock exam is to prepare jamb candidates for their main exam it is to test your ability that is just the purpose.

7.) Select your friends like beans

The friends you mingle with matter a lot if you mingle with unserious people you also will soon be unserious, but if you mingle with those that are ready to pass and gain admission, then you are in the right lane.

8.) Manage your time

Try as much as you can to make proper use of your time, do not waste your precious time on thing without value.

“Killing time is not murder but suicide”

I will like to stop here for now! do not forget to share this post to your friends.

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