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The World Maritime University (WMU), in the heart of Malmö, an ancient city in Sweden was established in the year 1983 by International Maritime Organization (IMO). WMU is recognized as the foremost academic institution for Postgraduate maritime education and research. The University is anchored on the mission to serve as a center of excellence in the world’s oceans and seas postgraduate education, professional training and research, and the establishment of the global capacity and to promote sustainable development.

The University takes a responsibility in training the most talented professionals in the world, and to carry out research to achieve sustainable solutions in the field. During the course of their studies, the students are afforded the opportunity to interact with people from different cultural backgrounds. This is possible, particularly with regard to the widely acceptance of international students. WMU equips students with skills and knowledge for the benefit of their country. The university is well equipped to continue to grow and to make sure that it prepares the next generation of maritime, port and ocean leaders and experts to take on the tasks of today and be ready for subsequent ones, as well as the new job openings that will turn out due to technological advancement.

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Courses of Study

• Master of Science in Maritime Affairs

• Master of Philosophy, International Maritime Law and Ocean Policy

• Doctor of Philosophy, Maritime Affairs

• Master of Science programme (China)

• Distance learning programme.

• Executive & Professional Development Courses


Applicants are to complete their form online at the WMU website since paper application are not accepted. All essential information needed for the successful completion of their application are available on the school’s website. Application for admittance can be submitted at any time as there are no deadlines for submission. All necessary document (including certificates, acceptable English language test result and transcripts) are to be attached as electronic mails. Applicants who meet all requirement will be critically screened by the board to choose the best of all. Applicants who meet the requirement but not selected for the 10 month accelerated programme are automatically considered for the standard 14 month programme. The school registry board will notify all successful candidateonce an applicants has been cleared for admission and all necessary payment, the school will then send medical reports form which are to be completed in an accredited medical institution and uploaded back on the intending students profile on the schools website.

Admission Requirements (MSc)

  • The 14-month standard programme.

WMU admits only mature students who are before application established in a career in the maritime field. The Admissions Board will consider only applicants who meet the minimum over-all entrance requirements, which are:

  • Mature and established in a career in the maritime sector.
  • A bachelor degree in a related profession.
  • Be Computer Competent (at least can use Microsoft office)
  • Substantial Directly related professional experience.
  • Competence in English language Demonstrated by an internationally accepted Standard English test
  • 10-month Acceleration Programme

In addition to meeting the requests for the standard 14-month programme, applicants for the accelerated programme must prove that they have already covered content of the first term of the standard programme. The qualifications required are:

• Demonstrate completion of the first term content in the standard programme.

• Meets all the requirements of the standard.

• A degree directly related to the course.

• Strong IT skills

• Proficiency in English without participating in the English language and Study Skills programme, and a good score in the writing skills part of the test.

  • Admission Requirements (PhD)

The Admissions Board will consider only those applicants who meet the least general entrance requirements, which are:

• A Master’s degree, with a dissertation, in a relevant discipline, or an equivalent University qualification

• Proficiency in English language, verified by an internationally accepted standard test

• Computer competence


WMU offers an excellent student accommodation at the Henrik Smith residence, with on-site staff in charge at a rate of about $600 per month. The two wings of the WMU residence means that all WMU students can be accommodated at one site, although in the first term, the high demand period, students may be required to share a room. The Henry Smith residence of is not more than three kilometers away from the main building of the University, and only a short walk or a bus ride to the city center of Malmö. In the new wing, the students have study bedrooms with private bathroom and share large kitchen and lounge. In the main building, each room is furnished with a bedroom, there are basic cooking facilities and a bathroom. All the rooms are connected to the university’s Wi-Fi network, therefore to the Internet. The hostel has a variety of facilities including a lounge area for meetings or social group work, the Working Group study rooms, a sauna facilities for playing table tennis, swimming pool, laundry facilities and an indoor storage space for bicycles.


Living in Malmö is generally not expensive with a lot of café to chill out, beaches to swim, movie cinema and cultural art theater all to experience rich traditional life of Sweden and a lot of other places to unwind and enjoy while studying.

A student needs at least $1,200 monthly rent in university residence and general basic living expenses, plus air tickets.

University tuition fees ($)

  Total All-inclusive payment
Standard MSC Programme 23000 4300 27300 57700
Accelerated MSc Programme 20000 4300 24300 48800
English language and Study Skills Programme     5600 11200
PhD in Maritime Affairs     50000  

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Payments to the University should be sent to:

Account Name: The World Maritime University

Account Number: 3968-77-02567

IBAN Number: SE66 3000 0000 0396 8770 2567


Bank Name: Nordea

Bank Address: PO Box 24, S201 24 Malmö, Sweden

Ps: all-inclusive payment covers all the needs of the students, including school fees, field research, insurance, accommodation, a monthly living allowance. Students in the 14-month standard programme are entitled to a return ticket back to WMU student’s home. There are no all-inclusive payment with the PhD programme.

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