List Of Best Universities In South Africa

Best universities in South Africa

Top 10 Best Universities in South AfricaChoosing a university to further your education could pose as a little problem, because you have to put in mind and consider a lot of things – paying fees, workable, durable and available learning facilities, courses and programs offered, environment, credibility and so many other things. It is therefore, important to have all the information you can get that will guide you in selecting a university.

This article compiles a list of some of the best universities in South Africa in no particular order. You will surely find a school that fits your spec and offers the best and gives you value.

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University of Cape Town

The Cape Town university been in existence for over 140 years is ranked among the top best universities in South Africa. Legally approved and certified by the Higher Education Department South Africa and also the management development for European Foundation, it provides professional or special certification, diploma degrees, bachelors, masters and doctorate degrees in different courses. The school have a capacity of over 20, 000 students’ enrollment and a staff strength of over 4000. Means of enrollment is through entrance examinations and it is also open for qualified international students who have met their set criteria.

University of Pretoria

As an institution legally approved by the Higher Education Department, university of Pretoria has been standing for over 110 years. Its enrolment goes up to 45, 000 per academic session in which, enrollment is based on entrance examinations and based on applications and entrance examinations too for international students based on their program od study. Their courses and programs range from professional programs or certification to diplomas, bachelors, masters and doctorates.

University of Johannesburg

The university was founded in the year 2005 and has tremendously grown to a level of high ranking universities in south Africa. They are aimed at giving you a future full of possibilities and value. It has a capacity of over 40, 000 students enrolled every academic session. Entrance examinations, applications and past grades in academics are means of enrolment for both local and international students.

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University of Witwatersrand

The school came to be in 1922 and it’s a public university. This is one of the best university choices in South Africa that enrolls a student capacity of over 28, 000 students. It offers a variety of courses and programs for all levels – undergraduate, post graduate, professional programs etc. with a focus on giving back knowledge and building generations of skillful individuals. The means of enrolment is via entrance examinations with an admission rate of 30-40% making it easy in school selection for individuals. There’s also space for International students.

University of KwaZulu-Natal

The school has been in existence for 16 years and has grown to a level of high ranking in South Africa. It has branches in different locations and has a record of over 40, 000 students. It offers courses in different fields with well-equipped and knowledgeable lecturers in the bachelors, masters and doctorate degrees. It is opened to local and international students through applications and entrance examinations. It is based on bringing about greatness in all.

North-West University

This university was founded in the year 2004. As a public school, one legally approved and certified by the Higher Education Department of South Africa, it has an enrollment capacity of over 45, 000 students. They are focused on where how your future turns out because it all starts from somewhere and are aimed at taking you somewhere better.  The school’s admission rate is between 60-70% which makes it easy to be admitted and get into the school; with a passed entrance examination, you are good to go. International students also have a place in the school once they apply.

University of Stellenbosch

This school stands as one of the best universities in South Africa with ideals set on giving sound learning and building great leaders. It was founded in the year 1918 and legally approved by the Higher Education Department in South Africa. Its intakes are local and international students that who are eligible for admission and have passed the entrance examinations. It offers programs in a variety of departments for various certification and degrees.

University of Western Cape

This school is all about helping you see the picture of a bigger and better tomorrow. They all about giving you a foundation for a firm standing tomorrow. It was founded in 1959 and have an enrolment capacity of 19, 000 students. The rate of getting admitted is 50-60% when you apply or write an entrance examination as a local and/or international student. It offers a number of courses and programs in undergraduates, masters, doctorate and other certification programs.

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Rhodes University

You only face tomorrow with courage, strength and a sound mind; that’s what this school stands for, helping you find that courage to face the ever changing world. Standing as one of theoldest universities, Rhodes university was established in 1904, though a bit smaller than a lot of other universities, has been progressing and thriving and producing great individuals.  Rhodes is open to both local and international students if they have applied and successfully passed the entrance examinations.

University of the Free State

This school is also one of the oldest schools in South Africa, established in the year 1904. With branches in few different places, the school has grown to a level of great academic excellence producing great and excellent leaders in all facet of life. The university offers a variety of programs and courses in different departments in graduates and undergraduate programs. You can apply for this school by writing applications and writing an entrance examination. They provide financial aid to students through student loans and other means.


The right choice of a university ultimately affects your life and future positively with added values. You have a place in any of the above best universities in South Africa, scout through, get all the necessary information you need, select your choice university and you are on your way to a fantastic schooling experience.

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