National Taiwan University: Ranking, Tuition Fees, Cost Of Living Plus Admission Process


The National Taiwan University is a renowned national research University in the Republic of China. Located in the city of Taipei, the University is made up of 11 colleges, 107 graduate institutes, 54 departments and 4 research centers. Founded in the year 1928 she’s affiliated with the National Taiwan Normal University and has 5 campuses in Taipei alone with another two campuses outside the city. With a student population of about 33,000 which includes 15,000 graduates and 17,000 undergraduates she’s an outstanding institute.


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Times higher education ranks the University 195th in the world and 24th in Asia while U.S news ranks her number 1 in Taiwan, 14th best global universities in Asia, 68th in terms of regional research reputation and 65th in global research reputation.

According to Times higher Education, her Engineering and technology course is ranked 79th in the world while her Business and Economics is 72nd and her computer science is ranked 39th in the world. U.S news ranks her Agricultural sciences the 62nd best in the world.


Applicants from, Hong-Kong, Macau, The people’s republic of China as well as those who have previously studied in Taiwan as an International student are considered local applicants and should not apply as otherwise. Major Entry requirements vary based on the programs you’re applying for.

Undergraduate Admissions;

To apply for admission, the student is required to present an high school diploma from a reputable institution.

Also expected is two copies of your highest diploma degree.

An Admission fee of NT$1,200 is charged and un-refundable. Evidence of payment will also be demanded so applicant should print slip after completing the payment.

Some departments require an oral or written exam or interview.

All academic credentials are expected to be submitted in either Chinese or English.

Complete transcripts of results are required including an explanation of the institutes grading system. (translated copies should be produced if needed).

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Masters admission;

Applicants are expected to submit a Bachelors degree from a recognized higher institution.

The admission fee for Masters program is NT$1,500. This fee is not refundable and a slip which will be evidence of payment will be demanded.

Doctoral Admissions;

Applicant is required to submit a Masters degree from a recognized institution.

Admission fee for the University’s PhD program is NT$3,000 and not refundable.

Admissions for International students;

Applicants from non-E.U countries will have to apply for a student Visa before entry into China and this can last for just 180 days so applicants on a full degree course must get a resident visa with Alien resident card.

Language requirements;

Students who want to apply for the University’s undergraduate programs are required to take a compulsory Core Curriculum, made up of Chinese, undergraduate English, physical education and public service.

The Language proficiency certificate is to be reviewed academically based on the requirements of each department.

Other basic requirements;

Applicants are to submit three copies of the online application form. (you’re to print it out after its completion.)
Also students are to come with 3 two-inch passport photographs. You should attach a photo each to each copy of your application form.
All applicants are required to submit Proof of payment for application
A copy of your passport or ID card for identification purposes is also required from every applicant.
Applicants are also to produce two copies of the diploma of your highest academic degree. Also intended students are to submit two copies of eithera Chinese or English translation of the diploma of their highest academic degree or its equivalent.

Applicants are to produce financial statements that are evidence to the fact that they cater for the educational and living expenses for studying in the National University of Taiwan.

There is an Art skill test fee of NT$2,000 for fine/visual Arts students who are expected to take the technical test.

Recommendation letters that are to be written in either Chinese or English by the applicants employers or professor(s) are also required.

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Admission Periods;

Applications deadline for fall term is March the 15th while the deadline for the spring term is October 31st.Bachelor program admission. Online application time vary from year to year but application for the first semester usually starts by December.


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With 11 colleges and 54 departments fees are liable to change annually. Though, undergraduate tuition is usually between NT$47,180 to NT$55,220 each semester while graduate tuition sits at NT$50,726 to NT$56,264 each semester.

Cost of Living in Taiwan; (calculated in pounds sterling)

Expenses costs

Rent of an apartment (1 bedroom) — 154-252euros monthly

Meal at an in-expensive restaurant — 2.14euros

Cappuccino — 1.53euros

Coke or Pepsi (0.33 liter bottle) — 0.57euros

Water — 0.40euros

A loaf of Bread — 0.96euros

Local transport (one way ticket) — 0.43euros

Cinema Ticket — 62.20euros

Because of the varying expenses there are some inaccuracies to this estimate so here is an approximation of some expenses you can use.

  • Housing; on campus costs for housing are between NT$4,600 and NT$11,600 each semester, which does not include utilities. An apartment off campus is NT$5,000 and NT$9,000 every month and these still do not include utilities. Most times off campus house rents demand a deposit of one to like three months.
  • Miscellaneous; these expensesare insurance costs, books and stationary, daily supplies, transportation (local, monthly fare) and utilities such as electricity, internet data, phone credits, etc. these are approximately NT$6000 to NT$8000.

The National University of Taiwan is a remarkable institution known world-wide for its intuitive, creative and innovative educational system. She’s nurtures are students with all that is necessary to become a champion.



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