Study Abroad: Best Tips On How to Survive in a New Environment

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You have finally made the big step and applied to a university in another country, far away from your own. Everything seems exciting and you couldn’t be happier about the new experience that awaits you.

No matter the excitement though, you are still going to be by yourself in a foreign country that is possibly completely different than your own. If you are wondering how you are going to survive living under these new conditions, here are some of the best tips to help you out.

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  • Find your Study Abroad Representative Once You Land

The most important thing is to know, before you even arrive at your destination, is who is going to pick you up at the airport. This is the first step in your journey. Your university or the company you arranged this with should have informed you before your flight about what to look out for when you land.

Usually, a representative of the university will wait for you at the gate, holding a sign that will most likely mention your name or the name of the program. This will be a great relief to you as you will know instantly that someone has been waiting for you. This will help you feel a lot more comfortable with your new surroundings.

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  • Always Have your Documents with you

This is always very important in this situation. Make sure that you always carry your documents with you that prove that you are there legally and studying for a certain amount of time. Keep your ID and passport with you at all times.

In case you are in a country that doesn’t share the same language as your home country, you should be ready to look for somediploma translation services to prepare documents according to the university rules. Remember that staying beforehand will definitely be to your advantage.

If you are facing translation difficulties, don`t hesitate but find a team of professionals who will help you to solve this problem.

  • Try Learning the Basics of the Language

If the language of the country you are studying is not your mother tongue, you should definitely try learning a few basics before you arrive.

You might find yourself in a situation where people from your college won’t be there to help you out if you need something, so you must know how to ask for simple things like help or water.

A great way to deal with this is to have with you a small booklet that contains some basic questions and answers translated into multiple languages that will help you communicate in a time of need, no matter who you come across.

  • Always Have a Map or Cellular Data

Another tip that will prove very useful is to always carry with you a map of the area or to make sure your phone data is working. When you arrive at this new location that is unknown to you, you will probably want to explore and get to know your surroundings.

For the first few weeks, make sure that you have something with you that allows you to find your way back to your dorm or apartment so that you don’t get lost. Don’t forget to pin your living address to your phone’s map so you always find your way back.

Instead of carrying an old-fashioned map with you, you can always check to see if your phone allows you to download a portion of the map around where you live so you can always have easy access to it.

  • Make Lots of Friends

After you have spent a few days in your new environment, you are bound to start missing home. You will be looking around for little details that remind you of your hometown and you will also miss your peers dearly.

To make sure that you adapt well and you have a nice time during your stay, get to know as many people as possible. By having many friends in this new country, you will not only be able to always have someone available to help you out if you need it, but you will also not feel lonely.

People from your study abroad program, that come from other countries, will introduce you to new cultures and will share with your information about their lives back home. Locals, who are studying in the same university as you, will allow you to learn a lot about their country and will help you experience things in a much more personal way.

  • Keep Track of your Finances

Last but definitely not least, a tip that will surely help you out in this situation is to keep track of the money you spend. When we find ourselves in a new country, we see things we haven’t seen before and we want to try everything as soon as possible.

This situation is different though. You won’t be in this country for just a week, but you will quite possibly be living there from a few months to a few years. You will have plenty of time to try all the local food and drinks and buy enough souvenirs to last you a lifetime.

So, make sure that you are writing down all of the money you spend on a daily basis, so you do not end up broke in a foreign county.

A Once in a Lifetime Experience

Being a student and studying abroad is an experience that you should live to the fullest. It will be a way for you to gain plenty of knowledge and to make friends from all over the world.

Follow the advice mentioned earlier and don’t be afraid of this new situation. Even if the environment is new, you will definitely have people around you who will help you out with anything you might need.

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