The University Of Mauritius: Ranking, Programs Offered and Admission Process

University of Mauritius – AfriUniThe University of Mauritius, which is commonly referred to as UoM, is situated in Mauritius. The university, as the country’s national university, is the largest and oldest in the country. It is distinguished for its impeccable quality and exceptional standard in terms of student enrollment and curriculum. The university’s main campus is situated at Reduit, Moka.


The school’s motto is “Scientia Salus Patriae,” and this translates to “Knowledge opens all doors.” The university, since established in 1965, has successfully prioritized the successful accumulation and utilization of knowledge.  The university is a nonprofit, national institution specially designed to provide an efficient platform for students’ enlightenment.

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The University of Mauritius is distinguished in Mauritius as the number one university in the whole country. The university also ranks among the top 5,000 universities in the world. Students of the University of Mauritius usually emerge as successful and innovative graduates ready to take on the world with all they have acquired.


Services and administration

The University of Mauritius was established with the sole aim of providing efficient and highly effective services to the community of Mauritius. This has been in effect for fifty-five years since the university was established. Through quality teaching, consultancy, research, and more in accordance with the county’s goals and policies, the university has successfully developed a prominent landmark in the country.


The university thrives on its motto, “knowledge opens all doors” and efficiently brings quality knowledge to both the citizens and non-citizens of Mauritius. Through adequate preparation and commitment, the university efficiently arms its students with appropriate and sufficient training for the world, which is quickly evolving and full of technological and social advancement.


The University of Mauritius is also dedicated to improving the well-being of those of the Republic of Mauritius in ways more than one via their physical and online platforms.

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The college’s administration consists of the Chancellor, the Vice-Chancellor, the Pro-Chancellor, the Chairman of Council, the academic staff, and others.



The prestigious University of Mauritius runs six different programs. These programs are;

  • Postgraduate Programmes
  • Undergraduate Programmes
  • Dual Degree Programmes with the University of Arizona
  • Dual Degree Programmes with CY Cergy Paris Université
  • Leadership Development Workshop.
  • Postgraduates Programmes by Research


Listed below are qualifications for the Postgraduate Programmes

  1. Candidates in their final year and who are close to their graduation are qualified to submit applications. They are likely to be considered for a conditional offer.
  2. Submission of application forms, a copy of most recent transcripts showing the grades and CPA
  3. Mature candidates who fall short of the minimum entry requirements also qualify by sending documentary evidence of their work experience and ticking section 16 of the application form.


Other qualifications for the above-listed programs can be found on the school’s website at the following addresses: and These sites provide sufficient information for one considering enrolling in one of the educational programmes offered in the institution.



The University of Mauritius is made up of six faculties to serve every student’s needs and preferences adequately. These faculties, which were so divided to sharpen each student’s skills and diversities are;


The Faculty of Agriculture


This faculty holds the reputation of being the university’s oldest faculty. This is because it was first founded in 1914 as the School of Agriculture before it was finally incorporated into the University of Mauritius in 1966. The Faculty of Agriculture maintains and runs the UoM Farm, an open laboratory of 21 acres.


There are two departments in the Faculty of Agriculture; the Department of Agricultural and Food Science and the Department of Agricultural Production and Systems. In 2015, the faculty was recorded to have 415 students and 21 full-time academic staff.


The Faculty of Engineering


This faculty was also originally established as the School of Industrial Technology in 1968. The faculty is made up of 6 departments: Chemical and Environmental Engineering, Applied Sustainability and Enterprise Development, Civil Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Mechanical and Production Engineering and Electrical and Electronic Engineering. The faculty had 2,665 students in 2015, with 94 full-time academic staff.


The Faculty of Law and Management


Formerly created in 1993, the Faculty of Law and Management is the restructured product of the previous School of Law, Management, and Social Studies. The faculty is made up of three departments which are Finance and Accounting, Law, and Management. The faculty had 51 full-time academic staff in 2015 and a total of 3,691 students.


The Faculty of Ocean Studies


This faculty, sometimes referred to as The Faculty of Marine Sciences in other institutions, is the smallest and newest faculty. The faculty was established in 2014, and it comprises four departments: Marine and Ocean Science, Fisheries and Mariculture, Maritime Trade and Finance, and Ocean Engineering and ICT. In 2015, the new faculty had a total of 15 students and ten full-time academic staff.


The Faculty of Science.


In 1988, the faculty was founded as School of Science, but now, it comprises six departments: Chemistry, Health Sciences, Mathematics, Medicine, Physics, and Biosciences. In 2015, the faculty had 1,135 students and 52 full-time academic staff.


The Faculty of Social Studies and Humanities


The Faculty of Social Studies and Humanities was founded in 1993 after the restructuring of the former School of Law, Management, and Social Studies. The faculty has five departments, which are; Economics and Statistics, French Studies, English Studies, History, and Political Science and Social Studies. The faculty recorded an amount of 2,039 students and 68 full-time staff in 2015.

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Admission For International Students


Around one out of every four students in the university are international. This shows the university’s warm reception towards international students. The university has agreements with a number of education representatives, also known as agents, who assist international students with their applications. Although using a representative does not put one’s application at an advantage, but it helps international students process a smooth application. For more information, visit


The University of Mauritius remains a highly esteemed university in Mauritius. It carries the reputation of the best university in the country, and its fame is widely known all over Mauritius. Indeed, knowledge opens all doors, which is highly evident in the lives of the graduates the university has produced. By making a name for themselves in the worlds of finance, education, politics, and more, the university’s standard is not to be trifled with.

To apply as a student at this prestigious university, visit their website at for more information.

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