University of Amsterdam, Netherlands: Ranking, Admissions and Processing

University of Amsterdam

University of Amsterdam Excellence Scholarship (AES) in NetherlandsEstablished in 1632 by the then municipal authorities, the University of Amsterdam is one of the oldest public institutions in the Netherlands,and one of the largest research destinations in Europe. This review will done based on several indicators, some of which are;

Academics, Admission requirements, Ranking, Academic Programs, cost of living and value for money, language requirements, Placement, Scholarship opportunities and vice versa.

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The University campuses isdistributed across different locations in Amsterdam with its main campus in Amsterdam Central. The chances of you meeting other students studying courses not available on your campus is veryslim. There is however a central library where you may likely meet students from other campuses. Apart from Amsterdam Central, other campus locations are;

Roeterseiland Campus

This campus is home to3 Faculties namely;

Economics and Business, Social and Behavioural Sciences and Law.

Amsterdam Science Park

The campus houses major research institutions together with over100 companies and spin-offs. It is therefore one of the largest science campuses in the Eurozone and centre for research, innovation and entrepreneurship.

It is also where the Amsterdam Sports centre and the University College is domiciled.

Amsterdam UMC (University Medical Centre)

Located in Meibergdreef south-eastern Amsterdam, the AMC is home to the faculty of Medicine, and the faculty of Medicine teaching hospital.

The University Quarter

The faculty of humanities and the University Library are domiciledon this campus. It is therefore, generally regarded as the intellectual Centre of the city.


There are a number of facilities available to the students. The good news is that everyone is always welcomed whether you are a Dutch,from within or outside the Eurozone. Some of these facilities are listed below;

  1. The University Sports Centre (USC)

This is home to over tens of sporting activities.The place is open to Students and Staff of the University are given discounts on any of the sporting activity they opt for. The USC has its locations spread across the city. This makes it easily accessible to all.

Here are locations of the USC across the city of Amsterdam;

  • Universum, in Amsterdam Science Park (East)
  • USC Tennis, in Amsterdam East
  • ASC, in the AMC hospital
  • Club West, in Amsterdam Nieuw-West (New West)
  • Amstel campus, near the Wibautstraat
  • USC Body & Mind, near Roeterseiland

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  1. The University Library

The University Library is spread across all campuses in Amsterdam. They are usually opened between 09:00-18:30hrs, five working days every week. Students, researchers, staff, even the alumnus of the university are always welcomed in the library. There is also the opportunity to borrow books from the library usually between 10:00-16:00hrs Monday to Friday.


The University of Amsterdam has over 6000 fully employed staff, 3000 PhD researchers and an enablingenvironment where staff can enjoy and utiliseevery opportunity to develop personally and professionally. The University of Amsterdam currently boasts of 6 Nobel laureates and 5Prime Ministers of the Netherlands. Most of the researchers in the university are well recognised within and outside Europe.


The University of Amsterdam offers  a number of Programmes ranging from Humanities to Sciences. Here is a list of them;

  • Actuarial Science
  • Ancient Studies
  • Archaeology
  • Business Administration
  • Business Analytics
  • Communication Science
  • Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology
  • Econometrics
  • Economics and Business Economics
  • English Language and Culture
  • European Studies
  • Liberal Arts and Sciences (Amsterdam University College)
  • Linguistics
  • Literary and Cultural Analysis (Literary Studies)
  • Media and Culture
  • Media and Information
  • Political Science
  • Politics, Psychology, Law and Economics (PPLE)
  • Psychology
  • Sign Language Linguistics (Linguistics)
  • Sociology

Keep in mind that these are courses offered by the University at graduate level only. There are over 200 courses available doe the postgraduate level. You can visit their official website to see more.


Most of the courses offered in the university of Amsterdam are available in English. If you plan on studying in the Netherlands, this is good news.


The University of Amsterdam is currently offering 59 Baccalaureate courses and 143 Postgraduate courses available to Students within and outside Europe. For International students aspiring to study in the university of Amsterdam, here are the requirements for gaining admission;

For Undergraduate Admissions

  1. A Notarised copy of your High school diploma or O’level certificatein Dutch, German or English language.
  2. English Proficiency test score i.e. TOEFL or IELTS.

For Postgraduate Admissions

  1. A notarised copy of your Baccalaureate Certificate in Dutch, German or English language.
  2. English Proficiency test result.
  3. Letter of motivation.
  4. Reference Letter
  5. Curriculum Vitae.

Depending on the course you applied for, you are to send the required documents to the below address by mail;

Admissions Office,

Central Student Administration

University of Amsterdam

Weesperzijde 190

1097DZ Amsterdam

The Netherlands.

Alternatively, if your documents can be verified online, the University of Amsterdam may verify your certificate digitally or have your school send them a copy.

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Admission deadlines into the University of Amsterdam varies by course. If you intend to apply, check your specified course of study deadline which is available on their official website.


All students in the university of Amsterdam are required to pay their full tuition fees yearly. Fees are of two types namely; Institutional and statutory fees. The one you will pay for is determined by your country of origin, course of study and mode of study; full-time or part-time.

Here is the list of statutory tuition fee for 2020/2021 Academic session;

full-time students            €2,143

part-time students          €1,826

dual students    €2,143

AUC students    €4,435

PPLE students€4,286

Students also get the opportunity to pay only half of the statutory fee in their first year if the following conditions are met;

  1. You are starting your course at a public University for the first time.
  2. Your course is a bachelors or an associate degree.
  3. Statutory fee applies to you. Meaning that you are enrolled in a Dutch public university as a full or part-time student.

You are however required to pay institutional fee if ;

  1. You are from outside the Eurozone .
  2. After obtaining your Baccalaureate in the Netherlands, you enroll in another Bachelors degree program.

Keep in mind that the institutional fee remain the same for full and part-time students.


The University of Amsterdam is currently the best in the Netherlands, top 20 within the EU and among the first 100 globally.


The cost of living in Amsterdam is relatively high but still dependent on your lifestyle. On the average as a student you will spend between €1500-€2500 monthly. This includes accommodation, groceries, transportation and other miscellaneous spending.


Job placement or internship position is not hardto come by in Amsterdam asit is home to many multinational companies.However, it will do you a great deal of good to learn how to read and write in Dutch.Plus English, itwill give you an edge.


Amsterdam is a buzzling typical European city with many opportunities available to foreign students during and after study. Though cost of living is a bit on thehigh, it is safe to say that they are moderate compared to some European cities like London. If your dream is to study in the EU, the University of Amsterdam might just be the right school for you. So, declutter, pack your luggage and make sure you don’t miss your flight because the Netherlands anticipate tour arrival. Good luck!


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