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The University of Istanbul is one of the best research institutions in the Arabian world, one of the popular in the capital city of Istanbul and sure one of the oldest Universities on the planet. She has positioned herself to be one of the best center of learning among her peers in the world through research and innovation, quality education and dissemination of knowledge.


Istanbul, the capital city of turkey have a teeming population of about 14million people with majority of them being youth. This is one of the many reasons it is home to many higher education centers including the University of Istanbul. The University of Istanbul is a public institution founded during the Ottoman Empire reign in 1453 as the school of medicine/medical sciences, philosophy, law and letters. It has meta-morphed from a theology school in Islam and a higher learning center known as the house of sciences into the University of Istanbul in the early 19th century, the name it is still known as till today.

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The University of Istanbul ranks as one of the first best 655 universities in the world. It was ranked 2nd in turkey and 560 in the world according to the CWUR 2018/2019 world rankings, number 8 in the country and 529th in the world according to the 2019 Round University Ranking. It achieved a world record high ranking of 108th in the world in 2009 and the best university in turkey according to the URAP ranking system.

The University of Istanbul is currently the top best 602 in the world according to Times Higher Education (THE) ranking and part of the first 425 in the world going by the U.S. News and world report ranking in 2020.


The university is located in the capital of Turkey in Istanbul with twelve campuses spanning across the city of Istanbul. Here is a bucket list of them;

  • Beyazıt-Central Campus
  • Laleli-VeznecilerCampus
  • VefaCampus
  • Horhor Campus
  • Avcılar Campus
  • Çapa Campus
  • Cerrahpaşa Campus
  • Şişli Campus
  • Kadıköy Campus
  • Bahçeköy Campus
  • BakırköyCampus
  • Büyükçekmece Campus

The main campus of the University of Istanbul is the Bayazit-Central campus. Located at the very heart of the city, the campus is home to five Faculties which are;

  • The faculty of Education
  • The faculty of Communication
  • The faculty of Law
  • The faculty of Economics
  • The faculty of Political Science

Among other campuses, the Bayazit-Central Campus holds a special place as the historical and architectural center within the city of Istanbul. The campus was home to the erstwhile National Ministry of War in Turkey and was eventually passed down to the University of Istanbul officially post world war I era. Somearchitecturalruins of the Roman and Byzantine era such as columns and plinths are still very much visible on the campus today.

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The University of Istanbul is home to Turkish and international students. Currently, the University of Istanbul has more than 5,500 staffs and well over 90,000 students,graduates and postgraduates students combined.

The population of International students currently account for around 5% of the entire student population in the University of Istanbul.


The University of Istanbul offers a lot of courses which cut across over16 faculties. Here is a quick list of all the Departments;

  1. Architecture
  2. Biology
  3. Molecular Biology and Genetics
  4. Chemical Engineering
  5. Electrical & Electronics Engineering
  6. Computer Engineering
  7. Physics
  8. Forestry
  9. Civil Engineering
  10. Geological Engineering
  11. Internal Medicine (Istanbul Medical Faculty)
  12. Business Administration (Faculty of Economics)
  13. Foreign Language Education
  14. Industrial Engineering
  15. Chemistry
  16. Metallurgical & Materials Engineering
  17. Business Management Organization and Business Policy
  18. International Relations
  19. Forensic Sciences
  20. Environmental Engineering
  21. Public Relations & Publicity
  22. Political Sciences and International Relations Research Center
  23. Public Administration
  24. Pharmaceutical Technology
  25. Astronomy and Space Sciences
  26. Journalism
  27. Pediatrics (Istanbul Medical Faculty)
  28. Marketing
  29. Business Administration (Faculty of Political Sciences)
  30. Dentistry (Institute of Health Sciences)
  31. Public Law
  32. Educational Science
  33. General Surgery
  34. Geophysical Engineering
  35. Informatics
  36. Pharmacy (Institute of Health Sciences)
  37. Prosthodontics
  38. Philosophy & Sociology of Law
  39. Finance
  40. Mining Engineering
  41. Econometrics
  42. Oncology
  43. Psychiatric Nursing
  44. Mathematics
  45. Medical Genetics (Istanbul Medical Faculty)
  46. Physiology
  47. Private Law
  48. Analytical Chemistry
  49. Pharmacology
  50. Transportation and Logistics
  51. Surgery (Faculty of Veterinary Medicine)
  52. Radiology
  53. Medical Education (Istanbul Medical Faculty)
  54. Science Education
  55. Human Resources
  56. Public Health (Istanbul Medical Faculty)
  57. Medical Biology
  58. Cardiology (Istanbul Medical Faculty)
  59. Marine Biology
  60. Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  61. Pharmacology
  62. Fisheries
  63. Dermatology
  64. Social Studies Education
  65. Turkish Education
  66. Molecular Medicine
  67. Aquaculture
  68. Internal Medicine
  69. Orthodontics
  70. Pedodontics
  71. Computer Education and Instructional Technology
  72. Neurology
  73. Pharmaceutical Botany
  74. Research Center for Art History
  75. Maritime Transportation and Management Engineering
  76. Pharmaceutical Toxicology
  77. Public Health
  78. Reproduction and Artificial Insemination
  79. Business Economics
  80. Biochemistry
  81. Microbiology
  82. Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.


The tuition in Istanbul varies and it depends on a number of factors. Some of these factors are;

Type of Institution (whether Private or Public Institution)

In Istanbul and Turkey generally, Public Institutions are far cheaper compared to their private counterparts. The tuition usually range from $600-$1500 per year while Private Institutions can charge as high as $15,000-$25,000.

Language of Instruction

If your language of instruction is English language, you will pay more compared to taking the same course in Turkish.

Chosen course of study or field of study

Another factor is your course of study as tuition for courses differ by faculty.

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There aren’t many documents to submit as an international student when applying to the university of Istanbul whether as an Undergraduate or Postgraduate applicant.

For undergraduate International Applicants, you’ll need to submit the following documents;

  1. Secondary / High School certificate (Certified Copy)
  2. Englishcompetency result
  3. Duly completed Application form
  4. Passport Photograph

For Postgraduate Applicants;

  1. A certified Baccalaureate Certificate (In English)
  2. Transcript (In English)
  3. English competency result
  4. Fully filled Application form (Application forms comes with a fee usually not more than $100)
  5. Passport Photograph

Kindly further check their website for country-specific requirements.


The University of Istanbul runs two semesters in a typical calendar year.

The admission deadline for the University of Istanbul is usually around the middle of august for an undergraduate applicant and around middle of Septemberevery year for postgraduate applicants.


Istanbul is a city you can go by on just about $550 a month apart from the cost of accommodation.This issubject to your lifestyle.


Accommodation in the city of Istanbul l is relatively fair. You can spend less than $500 on rent per month. This is also subjective to the type of lifestyle you live. Housing in form of dormitories are also available for Turkish and international students alike.


If your dream is to study in one of the leading universities in turkey, the university of Istanbul is definitely a place for you to be. And if you happened to worry about the language barrier, this is sure something you don’t have to worry about at all because English is widely spoken in Istanbul,so is Turkish, Arabic, Russian and Greek.

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