University Of Mamara, Turkey: Location, Tuition Fees Plus Admissions Procedure

marmara university recruits contracted IT personnel | RayHaber ...The University of Marmara is one of the leading public Universities in Turkey, one of the oldest and one to be reckoned with in the world. The University is committed to the advancement of knowledge and innovation in Turkey through quality research and a good number of well-cited publications in national and international journals to show for it.


The University of Marmara was founded in the year 1883 with the name HamidiyeTicaretMekteb-I Alisi in a house at the back of the Istanbul Girls high school in cagoglu and associated with three industries; the commercial, mining, forestry and agriculture industry.Five years later, she graduated her first set of students and after two years, the University of Marmara was associated with the ministry of education but eventually closed down in 1893for reformation.

After much thoughts and deliberations, the school reopened only four years later in 1897, better and strongerin association with the ministry of education.

Several years later in 1959, the school metamorphed into and Institution called Istanbul Economic and Commercial Sciences Academy. Twenty three years later after the official regulations were put in place in 1982, the University became known as Marmara University and has retained the name ever since. RANKING

The University of Marmara is rated among the best 11 universities in Turkey, 1001th in the world according to 2019-2020 CWUR ranking. It is currently among the first 900 best Universities in the world, 200 in Asia and one of the most popular in Istanbul and turkey at large according to the U.S. News worldReport.

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The University of Marmara is located within the city of Istanbul with campuses scattered across the city. The University currently has 9 campuses which are;

  1. Acıbadem Campus
  2. Anadoluhisarı Campus
  3. Bağlarbaşı Campus
  4. Başıbüyük Campus
  5. Göztepe Campus
  6. Haydarpaşa Campus
  7. Kartal Campus
  8. Bahçelievler Campus
  9. Sultanahmet Campus

The Bahçelievler, Sultanahmet campuses are on the Asian continent while the Acıbadem, Anadoluhisarı, Bağlarbaşı, Başıbüyük, Göztepe, Haydarpaşa, Kartal campuses are on the European continent side, with Başıbüyük campus being the biggest in terms of land mass it is home to two research Institutes. The Göztepecampus is home to five faculties, four Schools, six Research Institutes and two departments. TheBahçelievler Campus houses one faculty, four departments and one Institute. The Haydarpaşa Campus is home to four faculties, three Schools and a research Institute. The Bağlarbaşı Campus currently houses two Schools and a faculty. The Anadoluhisarı Campus is home to one faculty with four departments, four departments in political science and two Schools and the Sultanahmet Campus having just a single research Institute.


The University of Marmara is one of the most common destinations of international students in Turkey. The University currently has more than 2,700 staffs and over 65,000 in graduate and postgraduate studies with International students from over 50 nations across the globe, accounting for about 3 percent of the entire student population.


The University of Marmara has a lot of courses you can choose from spanning across seventeen faculties, twelve research Institutes, four schools of higher education and another four vocational schools and two education centers. The various degree types offered in the University of Marmara are;

*Associate Degree



*Diploma Supplement

*Graduate Degree



The door of the University of Marmara is always open to Local and International students. The cost of study in the University for an Undergraduate Degree is usually around 4500 euros for International Applicants and around 900 euros for Turkish applicants per academic session. For postgraduate studies, the cost of study is usually around 4500 euros for international applicants and about 2250 euros for local applicants per academic session.


There are a few documents to submit when applying to the University of Marmara.

For an Undergraduate Degree program, the following are the documents you will have to submit;

*A completed Application form

*Secondary or High school certificate (Notarized copy in English)

*Test of English result e.g. TOEFL, IELTS

*Proof of payment for Application fee

*Passport photograph

For postgraduate degree, here are the required documents;

For Master’s Program,

*Notarized copy of your Baccalaureate certificate and or the transcript of your last semester of undergraduate degree

*ALES for local students and GRE or GMAT test scores for International students are acceptable excluding students of Fine Arts.

*English proficiency scores. The standard score for each of the courses may vary. Kindly check for course specific requirements.

*Complete application form

*Proof of payment For application

For PhD program;

*Notarized copy of your Master’s degree certificate or the transcript of your last postgraduate semester result.

*Englishproficiency test result or certificate. Check for course specific requirements


*Reference letters from your alma matter

Keep in mind that an entrance examination and interview may be requireddepending on the evaluation panel.

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Admission into the University of Marmara is usually between the month of March and May. Entry documents to be submitted before mid July and registration of candidates commences in the month of September, of the same academic year. If you are an international applicant, it is advisable to apply earlier.


Istanbul is actually an affordable city to live in as an international student. You can easily live on around $300-$800 per month. This is subject to your taste and lifestyle excludingaccommodation costs.


Accommodation in the city of Istanbul is affordable. You can get a standard room for around $500 a month or less depending on your taste and lifestyle. Dormitories are better and more affordable as they are easier to share space.


If you are thinking of furthering your education in Turkey, whether it’s your Baccalaureate or Postgraduate degree program or you decide you want to simply go for an associate degree, the University of Marmara happens to be a place you’ll love to be. And if you are wondering what you’llget out of it? It’s quite simple. A lifetime experience you’ll never forget.

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