University Of Pretoria, South Africa

The University of Pretoria Phases Out Afrikaans to Be More InclusiveWith lots of institutions of higher learning spread across different cities and nations, it may be difficult to choose which institution is the best but we know that some high institutions stand out from the rest. An example of such institution is the University of Pretoria in South Africa.

The University of Pretoria founded in the year 1920, is one of the best research universities in Africa. They produce thousands of graduates every year. Some of these graduates are from around South Africa while some are international students. The University has nine arranged faculties and an exceptional business school.

The University that has the only veterinary school in South Africa also has beautiful and large collections that show the fine cultural and traditional heritage of South Africa which makes her a member of the South African Museums Association (SAMA), International Council of Museums (ICOM), and African Council of Museums (AFRICOM). UP is also a member of University Museums and Collections (UMAC).

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With campuses scattered all over the beautiful city of Pretoria and its surroundings and also in Johannesburg which is the very heart of South Africa, the University of Pretoria brings out more research every year compared to other higher institutions of learning.

A graduate of this reputable institution easily gets hired because employers hold their certificate in high esteem. Amongst the universities around the globe, this institution is ranked one out of the best 5% in the world and one of the best 10 in South Africa.

Tuition Fees

Different faculties in the University of Pretoria have different tuition fees. The fees also differ for undergraduates, postgraduates and international students. The undergraduates’ fees should be about 3,000 USD; those applying for undergraduate studies will have to pay above 3,000 USD while the fees for international students will differ slightly. There are also opportunities for the students to apply for scholarship.

Admission Requirements

To get admitted into the University of Pretoria, a candidate must meet the requirement for the degree and relevant program. You must show that you passed at least, six required subjects from the national senior certificate examination.

Those who are not citizens of South Africa can also register by showing their accepted performance in senior certificate examination, a document to show their legal stay in South Africa and their medical report. They also have to obtain a certificate of foreign conditional exemption from the university.


Guidelines for Application

When you meet the admission requirement of this institution, you may proceed to apply online to study in the university;

  • Using a good browser and an internet connection, you will log on to the university’s website,
  • Get to the online application form
  • Give your email address for receiving information from the university
  • You will provide a scanned copy of your national ID number as a South African or your passport number if you are a foreign applicant.
  • Next is to choose the “career” you are applying for. As a new student who does not have a degree yet, you should select Undergraduate career but if you have a degree already, you should select Postgraduate career.
  • You will also need to scan and upload your previous examination results and other documents in a PDF format.
  • If you need a residence, you have to fill an application form for residence.

Ensure you click on apply when you have filled all the requirements and expect to get information from the university.

A student number will be sent to you through your email address to acknowledge receipt of your application.

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Academic Programs

The University has courses for undergraduate and postgraduate studies for both part-time and full-times students in the following faculties;

  • Faculty of Health Sciences
  • Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences
  • Faculty of Engineering, Built Environment and Information Technology
  • Faculty of Humanities
  • Faculty of Education
  • Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences
  • Faculty of law
  • Faculty of theology
  • Faculty of veterinary science

Student Living Expenses

There are individual differences when it comes to living expense, but it is good to have an idea of what a student’s living expenses looks like. A student will spend money on food, clothing, transportation, accommodation and more.

The average monthly expenses for food is about $200

The average monthly expenses for clothing is between $2.8 and $86

For transportation, the student might be spending between $18 and $100 or more depending on the type of transport used.

The accommodation cost ranges from $20 to $150 and above.

So, the average monthly living expenses for a student can be estimated at $500 – $700.



Accommodation is one very essential need for everyone including a student. It is important to have a decent place to rest after the whole day stress. The University of Pretoria offers accommodation for students in the campus to support the students’ life in the university. The living spaces include;

Hatfield & Hillcrest Campus for women

Hillcrest Campus for men

Groenkloof Campus

Hatfield & Hillcrest Campus for male and female

Onderstepoort Campus for both male and female

Prinshof Campus

Hatfield Campus Postgraduate for both male and female

Leased Properties for male and female

There are accredited private accommodations like;

  • Feenstra Group
  • City Property
  • Respublica
  • South Point
  • Midcity Properties
  • Campus Key
  • Eris
  • Ibunti Trade
  • Timm Lofs
  • Villa Rosenda

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Life in Pretoria, South Africa

Pretoria is a beautiful city that is full of life and energy and still has that unmistaken touch of African in it. The city which has train as its major form of transportation has lots of intriguing sites that every visitor would love to see. Sites like the Pretoria National Botanical Gardens, the National Zoological Gardens of South Africa, Ditsong National Museum of Natural History and the Van Wouw Museum. The sports lovers would be entertained by the rugby union with the Blue Bulls.

The city of Pretoria has an excellent and relaxing atmosphere that enables the students to thrive in their academic pursuit with comfortable accommodations to choose from both on-campus and off-campus in form of hostels, flat rentals and more.

Finally, the University of Pretoria which has 185 centers for research, 140 academic departments with great facilities for students and high-ranked academic excellence and achievements is a place for great minds that are in pursuit of a great future. With the line up of courses offered by the university, it is very easy to find the course that suits your life dreams.

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