University Of Warsaw, Poland: Ranking, Fees and Admission Process

University of Warsaw

The University of Warsaw is helping the transition towards a ...Located at the heart of Europe, the University of Warsaw is one of the oldest and largest universities in Poland dating as far back as 1816.

This review will be based on a number of factors or indicators such as; Admission requirements for Polish and International students, College Infrastructure, Academics, Ranking in and outside of Poland and Europe, Academic Programs, cost of living in Warsaw, Campus life, Placement during and after graduation and so on.

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The University is located in Warsaw, the capital city of Poland and one of the largest cities in Europe having its monumental campus structure at the very heart of the city of Warsaw.


The University’s library is such a towering edifice to look at with an astonishing 6-storey structure with compartments open to students and visitors alike. This structure was specifically designed to exhibit the connection between nature, architecture and technology. While some of the structures on the historical main campus are old, several new buildings are now being built,with fusion of history,art and technology in its architecture. Most of the buildings are less than 100 years. This gives the city a typical modern look.

The University’s infrastructures like the sports and recreation centre, leisure facilities are open to both polish and international students for a small fee.


The University currently have nearly 4000 scholars, and many of them holds professional titles in their various fields. Many of these scholars are world class with world renowned publications in National and International journals.

This implies that most of the courses offered in the university of Warsaw holds high positions in international course ranking. Putting into account universities that have achieved the 20000 publications threshold, the University of Warsaw is highly rated and considered as top 2 percentile.

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The University of Warsaw offers a number of courses ranging from social sciences to Natural science and Humanities.

Some of the programs are listed below according to their faculties;

  1. Faculty of Applied Sciences
  2. Faculty of Applied Social Sciences and Resocialisation
  3. Faculty of ArtesLiberales
  4. Faculty of Biology
  5. Faculty of Chemistry
  6. Faculty of Economic Sciences
  7. Faculty of Education
  8. Faculty of Geography and Regional studies
  9. Faculty of Geology
  10. Faculty of History
  11. Faculty of Journalism, Information and Book Studies
  12. Faculty of Law and Administration
  13. Faculty of Management
  14. Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics
  15. Faculty of Modern Languages
  16. Faculty of Oriental Studies
  17. Faculty of Philosophy and Sociology
  18. Faculty of Polish Studies
  19. Faculty of Political Science and International Studies
  20. Faculty of Psychology

Kindly note that the University does not offer Engineering courses. If these are the courses you are interested in, you can consider Warsaw University of Technology.


Opting to study in the university of Warsaw, it is important to note that not all courses offered by the University are available in English. The quality of the courses taken will largely depend on the language of instruction. For example if you were to take part in a Geography class (English) the quality of delivery may differ from the one in Polish. But the general Ideas about every subject or course are largely the same in every aspect.

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For International students with high school diploma with the intention of studying for Undergraduate degree must sit for an entrance examination before being offeredadmission.

International students who are non-native English speakers must submit their result for Test of English as a foreign language (TOEFL) orInternational English Language Testing System (IELTS) or Pearsons PTE results. Alternatively you can present evidence that you previous study was taught in English.

The same applies to Postgraduate International students.

Some courses however does not require entrance examination.

In addition to that, every student is required to pay an application fee. The fee is determined based on whether an entrance examination is required to gain admission or not.

For courses that requires entrance examination the application fee is $20, while those that do not require entrance examination will have to pay $24.

Note that application feepayments can be reversed or waived,as long as the underlying conditions are met.


In order to successfully submit an application to the University of Warsaw, some documents must be in place. They are listed below;

For Undergraduate Students

  1. Notarized copy of your High School certificate
  2. Completed Application form
  3. A form of Identification e.g.Drivers licence or International passport
  4. Digital Passport photograph
  5. Medical Clearance or Certificate
  6. Proof of payment for Admission

For Postgraduate Students, additional documents are required

  1. Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  2. Baccalaureate Certificate (Notarised carbon copy)
  3. Notarised copy of Masters certificate (for PhD candidates)
  4. Two or three References
  5. Copy of your final year project or thesis (not mandatory for Masters candidates).


The application for this year will run from 13th July through 12th August, for the 2020/2021 session.


Tuition fees differ by course of study. Below are the details of the different tuition fees;


The University of Warsaw is currently the best in Poland, 141st in Europe and 321st in the world by QS ranking system, 396th on CWUR list.


The city of Warsaw is no doubtone of the cheapest cities to live in Europe. You can get by on a budget of between€500 and €1000 in a month. This will cover the cost of transportation, food and accommodation. However, this can vary considerably based on your taste.

The University of Warsaw in a way can be regarded as a residential institution. It provides close to 3000 places in six halls located in different parts of the city. The monthly rent is usually in the range of €80-€200 and they are available to Poland nationals and international students but priority is given to Polish students. Keep this in mind when applying and make sure you apply early for accommodation.

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Graduate won’t find it difficult while looking for a job placement or internship in Warsaw, well unless you study art or psychology.

Another factor is the language. But if you happen to have mastered polish while studying, that’s definitely a big plus for you. It may as well give you an edge over others.


Most of the people you will meet on and off campus speak polish. But the younger ones speak English, at least some of them who have taken lessons or lectures in English before. It’s quite easy to make friends in Poland, but way easier when you learn to speak polish as over 95 percent speak do. The rest speak German, Belgian or Russian.

You can also check some dating sites if you’re up for it. And if drinking is your thing, there are many places in Warsaw where you can drink yourself to stupor, if you so choose to.


Poland is a fast growing European country, with Warsaw playing a big part in it. The language may want to deter you from moving to this beautiful country, but that shouldn’t be a problem for you especially if the University of Warsaw is your destination.

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