University Of Windsor, Canada

University of Windsor formally known as Assumption College, Assumption Unversity of Windsor is a public comprehensive and research university. University of Windsor was founded in 1857. University of Windsor was founded by Basilian Fathers of priestly teaching Congregation of St. Basil. The college grew over the years expanding its cirriculum. University of Windsor is situated at 401 Sunset Avenue Windsor, Onatario Canada. University of Windsor has a recorded student population of approximately 15,000 undergraduates and 1,000 postgraduates. University of Windsor has graduated over 100,000 alumni since its founding in 1857. University of Windsor has an Endowment of over 102.142 million. University of Windsor offers admission for both Undergraduate and Postgraduate applicants. University of Windsor has a tuition that is affordable for both domestic students and international students.


University of Windsor has a campus that is located in Canada’s traditional “automotive capital” across the border from Detroit. The campus is located near the United States, The campus covers over 51 hectares and it is surrounded by neigbouring buildings.


University of Windsor has 9 faculties;

  • Faculty of Engineering
  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Education
  • Odette School of Business
  • Faculty of Human Kinetics
  • Faculty of Nursing
  • Faculty of Science
  • Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Faculty of Graduate Studies

University of Windsor’s primary interest narrows down to automotive, environmental and social justice research. University of Windsor has increasingly began to focus on health, natural science and entrepreneurship research. University of Windsor offers more than 120 major and minor and 55 masters and doctoral degree programs.


University of Windsor is ranked 624 in the world. University of Windsor has an impact rank of 714. University of Windsor’s faculty of Law is one of six in Ontario and a major teaching focus on Social JUctice issues.


University of Windsor’s current president is Dr. Alan Wildeman. Dr Alan was formally the vice presidence research at the University of Guelph. Dr. Allan resumed office on July 1, 2008. Dr. Alan is the Universities sixth president.


In University of Windsor international students make up approximately 105 of the student population, about 1500 students from more than 70 countries. Apart from the fact that University of Windsor has a high number of international students, Majority of the students are based in canada/domestic. All the full time students at the University of Windsor are part of the University of Windsor Students Allience.


The cost of living indicies illustrated are based on the United States average of 100. An amount bellow 100 mean Windsor is cheaper, and an amount above 100 means Windsor is more expensive.


Overall 126 100

Grocery 100.3 100

Health 103 100

Housing 182 100

Utilities 95 100

Transportation 97 100

Miscelleneous 101 100

The average cost of living in Windsor, Colorado is 126.10. but cost of living depends on ones lifestyle.

Residence life

University of Windsor accomodates students in four different residence halls on campus. Carter hall is home for fresh students.


At the University of Windsor you will be recieving a high quality education at affordable cost. The new fee schedule equates to annual increases for first year,

Domestic students

  • $381.40 for Business students [ total tuition $8,011.30]
  • $413.90 for Computer science [$8,249.50]
  • $413.90 for Engineering [$8,692.90]
  • $764.20 for Law [$16,048.60]
  • $85.85 for Humanities and arts [$5,895.80]

First year international students will pay annual tuition of

  • $20,500 for Business
  • $19,000 for Computer science
  • $27,580 for Law
  • $19,000 for Arts and Humanities
  • $21,500 for Engineering


University of Winsor joined a project hero. Project hero is a scholarship program cofounded by General [Ret’d] Rick Hillier, for the families of fallen Canadian Forces Members. University of Windsor also founded Rosa Schreiber award with the assistance of former University of Windsor professor , Allan A. Brown.

How to apply;

The scholarship is open to Arts or Social Science students in year 2 and beyond. Applicants must submit a 1500 – 2000 lenght word essay on some aspect of moral courage. Applicants must submit their essay through the Office of Students Affairs.


At the University of Windsor admission deadlines vary by program. Applicants who also wish to be considered for scholarship must submit a complete application package by the following earlier deadlines

May 1 for September admission

September 1 for Janurary admission

Janurary 1 for May admission

Undergraduate Admission Requirement

Admission requirement at the University of Windsor are based on residency and the type of student you are.

Masters Admission

A student with a 4 year degree or equivalent in the dicipline to which she or he is seeking admission, and who has an academic standing at least i the 70% range overall and in both the final two years of study and the major subject, may be admitted to a Masters program

PhD Admission

An applicant for addmission to a graduate program leading to the degree of Doctor of Philosophy must have either a Masters degree or, in exceptional cases, a 4 year Bachelor degree or the equivalent, his or her academic standing should be unquestionably superior.

University of Winsor is trying as much to help students. There are more opportunies for students aid than in the past. University of Windsor has solved the affordability issue. University of Windsor tuition is more affordable than any other College in Canada.


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