Yale University, USA: Ranking, Tuition Fees and Admission Requirements

Yale University formally known as Collegiate School [1701-1718] and Yale College [1718-1887] is an American private university situated at New Heaven, Connecticut, United States of America. Yale University was established on October 9, 1701. Yale University has a recorded value of about 4,411 Academic staff and 12,313 students. Yale University’s current president is Peter Salovey. Yale University are nicknamed the Bulldogs. Yale University is the third oldest University in the United States of America. Yale has an Endowment of $25,408 billion dollars. Yale University is the first institution in the United State to award a Ph.D in 1887. After 1890, Yale University grew quicky in the expansion of the physical campus and scienticfic research. Yale University is divided into about fourteen constituent schools; the undergraduate college, the Yale graduate school of Arts and Science, and twelve professional schools. Yale University is one of the famous schools in the United States, with a good long history of service. Yale University is the fufillment of a European vision of intellectual freedom that is aimed at the service of the community and country. Yale University has strived over history and survived the most destructive calamities such as the American Revolution. Since then, the university has continually grown and progressed to centre for high quality education that is recognized by the global community. Yale University is a gateway for higher education. Student may opt to concentrate in any of the following fields;



-Biomedical Science

-British Studies

-Comparative Literature

-Computer Science and Psychology



-European Studies

-Eletrical Engineering and Computer Science


-Latin American and Iberian Studies


Direct admission is applied at Yale University wherein the interested applicant applies directly at the college he or she wishes to obtain a degree in. Undergraduate fall under the jurisdiction of Yale College while graduate students must secure application forms either from the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences or one of the various profession schools listed below;

-School of Arts

-School of Architecture

-School of Drama

-School of Medicine

-School of Music

-Faculty of Engineering

-Divinity School

-School of Management

-School of Nursing

-School of Public Health

-Law School

-Institute of Sacred Music

If you gain admission into Yale uiversity you would be among the top scholars in the nation. Yale University has one of the top SAT scores in the countary (2265 out of 2400). Yale University has an acceptance rate of 6.7% and is very difficult to get in. Yale University is an extremely selective college. Last year 30,236 stuents applied, 2,034 were offered admission and 1,364 decided to enroll.

A majority of Yale University students are undergradutes.


Yale University is ranked number 3 in top private universities in the United States. Why is Yale ranked number 3? Yale University has performed above average.

-Acceptance Rate; 6.7% (top 10%)

-Graduation Rate (in 4 years); 90% (top 10%)

-Retention Rate (full time); 99% (top 10%)

-Endowment; 1,815,550 per student (top 10%)

-Average ACT; 33 (top 10%)

-Student Faculty Ratio 6:1 (top 10)

-Research Expenditure; 35,136 per student (top 10)


Yale University enrolled 1,364 first time degree seeking undergraduates. This is about the same number of students Yale University enrolled the previous year.


Early Action Deadline: November 1

Visit of Interview: Mid-November

Application Deadline: January 1

Deferment: Admission may be deferred

Notification of Admission: April 1

Must Accept Offer by: May 1

What is Early Action?

Early action is a type of early admission policy for college admission. Students who apply for early action will typically hear back from the school by mid-December instead of by April 1. Unlike early decision, early action allows candidates to decline the offer if accepted.


Academic Criteria

At Yale University, the admission office considers all five academic related admission criteria from prospective students. Yale University pays attention to all 5 criteria as very critical to their admission evaluation.

Secondary School Record- Very Important

Class Rank- Very Important

Recommendations- Very Important

Standardized Test Scores- Very Important

Essay- Very Important

Non-Academic Criteria

Yale University also considers 10 non academic related admission criteria, Be sure to pay attention to these criteria during application.

Interview- Considered

Extracurricular Activities- Important

Talent- Very Important

Character- Very Important

Alumni/ae Relationship- Considered

Geographical Residence- Considered

State Residence- Not Considered

Minority Affiliation- Considered

Commitment- Not Considered

Volunteer Work- Considered

Getting into the University, the first thing to look at is the acceptance rate. Yale University is a very selective University


The average GPA at Yale is 4.19. Yale University requires you to be at the top of your class.


Applicants must take either SAT or ACT to submit an application at Yale University. Average SAT score is 2265.


Yale University is a very large University (12,385 undergraduates and grad students). Yale University has a very large undergraduate population (5,532 students). Most students are non resident. Yale University has a balanced gender ratio (51% male and 49% female). Yale University has a good student faculty ration (6:1). Yale University has small sized classes (mostly 10-19 students)


The cost of living indices are based on a United States average of 100. An amount below 100 means New heaven is cheaper than the United States average. An amount above 100 means that New Heaven is more expensive. Housing is the highest factor in cost of living difference.

Cost of Living New Heaven United States

Overall 108 100

Grocery 118.3 100

Health 118 100

Housing 80 100

Utilities 123 100

Transportation 120 100

Misellaneous 123 100



Local Students over 20,000 USD over 20,000 USD

(14,700 Euro) (14,700 Euro)

International students over 20,000 USD over 20,000 USD

(14,700 Euro) (14,700 Euro)

Important: The above average yearly tuition ranges do not include room, board, or other external costs. Tuition may vary by area of studies , course level, student nationality or residence and other criteria.

Yale University has helped the nation is so many ways and has produced prestigious undergraduates over the years. Benefits about the University are numerous.

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